my problem is that so many of my vm-pop3d processes get in that state that
semi-frequently, we get locked out of downloading email.

I kill all the vm-pop3d processes then we have to wait for all the
FIN_WAIT_2 to die befor i can restart the vm-pop3d process.

If I try to start vm-pop3d before all the FIN_WAIT_2 sockets die, I get a
'Can't bind to port" error.

When I do the lsof thing it shows no files or processes connected to that
port, or socket.


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On 24/02/07, Grant Peel <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
Hi all,

Just wondering if anyone has found / knows of a way to kill sockets that are stuck in FIN_WIAT_2 state - without rebooting the server.

When I kill the processes (in this case the pop3 server) that allows the connection, it still takes about 3 hours for the socket to time out and die.

What is your problem with sockets being in this state? Normaly they
don't consume any resources that would lead to performance problems.
As you say, they die eventually.
Sockets in this state are no problem, it's just that the client failed
to sent the last ACK to the server, which would finally close the

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