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*Not* off-topic, the context being how best to configure Outlook
for use with FreeBSD IMAP.  One hopes something more secure than
plain-text passwords can be made to work.

Uh, OK.

My answer is "Don't use Outlook.  For anything.  Period."
but the OP may be stuck with it for some reason.

Outlook supports SSL and TLS for both IMAP and SMTP if makes a
difference, plus AUTH but I'm not sure if it sets up a tunnel before
sending the plain-text password. Googling seems to indicate otherwise,
but perhaps someone better versed in Outlook can say for sure?

Outlook works just like any other IMAP client. You can set up SSL or TLS. You can change the default port, if you need to. And yes, it sets up the tunnel before exchanging credentials and connecting to one's mailbox.

I don't think there's any way to use CRAMD5, but why would you need to if you're already using SSL?

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