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                   [7]Traxxamillion "I'm From the Hood" 
    Behind the scenes pictures from Traxamillion's video shoot for "I'm
           From the Hood" featuring San Quinn, Jacka and Husalah

                              [9]Rap 4 Rights 
     Listening to Rap4Rights' music, there is a sense of hope creeping
        through the lyrics. Rap4Rights attributes this to his past.

                              THROWBACK VIDEO
                              of the week [10]
                             Souls of Mischief

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   Industreet Insider
   Wednesday Workshop
   Performance Showcase, meet & greet, informative panels, product
   presentations, networking and more
   Timeout Bar, Concord
   Every Wednesday in Feb.
   Celebrity Tuesday
   Mac Mall & RBL Posse
   Hosted by Big Von
   Club Seventeen
   Oakland, CA
   February 27, 2007
   Hot Import Nights
   E-40 Live in concert, Over 500 show cars, top industry models + more!
   San Mateo Expo Center
   San Mateo, CA
   March 10, 2007
   The Jacka, Big Rich, Equipto, Alias John Brown
   DJ Juice
   Fat City (Studio-Z)
   San Francisco, CA
   March 3 2007
   Low B of Hollertronix, Spank Pops, Diz Gibran, J-Billion, DJ DE
   San Francisco, CA
   March 14, 2007
   DJ Juice Celebrity Birthday Bash
   Sponsored by Remy Martin
   DJ Moe-1 and DJ Fuze
   Club Seventeen
   Oakland, CA
   March 18, 2007
   Carry On Tradition
   Mighty 4 9th Year Anniversary
   934 Brannan Street
   San Francisco, CA
   March 24, 2007
   El-P (Def Jux)
   San Francisco, CA
   March 25, 2007
   Zion-I & The Grouch
   Equipto, Forensic Science, Bayliens,
   Delinquent Monastery
   Hosted by LCJ
   The Phoenix Theater
   Petaluma, CA
   April 7, 2007


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