Juha Saarinen wrote:
Outlook has some good features, no doubt about that, but it's not a
great IMAP client. Outlook Express is better - doesn't use Personal
Storage Files that grow into insane sizes and suffer corruption, plus
allows you to relocate Special Folders to the IMAP server, like Sent
Messages and Drafts. You want to be able to do this, trust me. OE is
also much quicker.

Thunderbird has its own set of issues, but it's the best readily
available IMAP client for Windows users currently. The latest beta of
version 2.0 works rather nicely. It doesn't have the features
corporate Outlook users expect though, like good contacts management,
calendaring and ability to synch with mobile devices.

If Outlook was a better IMAP client and could be coaxed into handling
email properly without resorting to VBA hacks, I'd switch to it.
Unfortunately however, Microsoft is turning a deaf ear to fixing those
issues, and Outlook 2007 for instance has taken a few steps forward
(better IMAP support) but also some backwards (quoting is badly broken
by default).

Bringing it back to FreeBSD, Outlook will work with any old IMAP
server. Just not as well as other clients.

Unforunately you (and many others on the list) have missed the point I think. The OP said that he was stuck with outlook because of his pda syncing, and there definitely isn't a means available (or at least a good, popular one -- I know I'm inviting flames from KDE / Gnome lovers..), in Unix for PDA syncing because everyone chooses Windows. Bleh..

Even OSX doesn't have a good mobile device syncing tool and it's lightyears ahead of what Gnome and KDE have in some respects.

I honestly would use another client for your mail though, since Gmail's pop3 service (while nice) is less than to be desired..
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