To do what you want requires a UPS with "SmartUPS" to "talk" to your
system. You have what is referred to as a "dumb UPS". I use SmartUPSes on
"master" machines to tell the "slave" machines when to shut down and other
instructions. The SmartUPSes will carry on an exchange with the machine,
but the dumb ones will not. The slaves are attached to the dumb UPSes for
continuations of power, but the SmartUPS tells each slave what to do and
when to shut down. Each slave must have an apcupsd daemon installed,
running and configured to communicate with the master over the network for
this to work.
<end snip>

But why then supply a cable for use between the 350CS and the computer?
I use only SmartUPS and BackUPS Pro so I could not be sure but...

Per olof

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