Outlook has some good features:

most important of them:

1) inability to work right with imap, for eg. when deleting mail.
2) inability to properly handle THEIR OWN FORMAT mail (these huge files in which it keeps mail) when there is a lot of mail on disk. after shorter or longer time it will start to fail, and finally fail completely, making mail recovery near impossible.

IMAP keeps mail on mailserver, but see point 1

3) inability to handle big amount of mail (like half milion e-mails getting ca 10-20GB space) at all without waiting whole night.

thats very good features if you

a) selling computers. it will help you sell new super-ultra-fast machine every year or less.
b) provide data recovery services to recover effects of point 2
c) like to offer better solutions than outlook.

points B and C makes me happy often :)
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