At 02:05 AM 1.20.2003 +0100, Per olof Ljungmark wrote:
>> To do what you want requires a UPS with "SmartUPS" to "talk" to your
>> system. You have what is referred to as a "dumb UPS". I use SmartUPSes on
>> "master" machines to tell the "slave" machines when to shut down and other
>> instructions. The SmartUPSes will carry on an exchange with the machine,
>> but the dumb ones will not. The slaves are attached to the dumb UPSes for
>> continuations of power, but the SmartUPS tells each slave what to do and
>> when to shut down. Each slave must have an apcupsd daemon installed,
>> running and configured to communicate with the master over the network for
>> this to work.
><end snip>
>But why then supply a cable for use between the 350CS and the computer?
>I use only SmartUPS and BackUPS Pro so I could not be sure but...
>Per olof

I have been asking WHY have a cable with a dumb UPS for a long time and yet
to get a good answer. I have tested with instruments the pins on those
cables and very little to nothing found in a way of a signal. If you go to
that apcupsd URL and did down you will find all (most) of the cables and it
also explains them. SmartUPSes -- yes -- okay and will work with the cable.
The computer may sense the dumb UPS -- BUT, will not communicate about
shutdown and other critical info. If I'm wrong, then let me know.... I
spent a lot of time falling for the "cable" bit.

Dumb UPSes are useful for keeping the machines going until you or a master
machine can tell it to shut down gracefully....

Best regards,
Jack L. Stone,

SageOne Net

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