Paul Hoffman wrote:
Greetings. I have a box with NetBSD 1.6 on it that I want to turn into a FreeBSD box, while retaining the information in the user directories. Is this possible with the FreeBSD 4.7 install CD-ROM? That is, can I say during setup "don't reformat or re-partition, but just use the / and /usr that is already on this disk"?

I do not know anything about such an upgrade, but if you want to hear my opinion, you should backup all data you want to reuse later. This will be all user data (/home/*, /root/* ?), /etc/*, maybe /usr/local/etc/ and some things from /var/ (eg. database dumps) ...

Best is, you backup all if you are not sure - better safe than sorry.

If you finished to backup all you need to an external source (tape, 2nd computer, cd-r), you can try to boot from FreeBSD 4.7-CD and look if sysinstall detects the labels and is able to use them. You can easily set mount points for everything sysinstall detects without need to format it.

But remember: if you merge config files and/or binaries from both systems, they may occur very funny errors.

Good luck

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