Is it still advisable to build the mysql50-server on FreeBSD 6.2 using
the LINUX_THREADS option? I'm using the SMP kernel on an older dual
1.0GHz Pentium III. This page <>
suggests that the libthr library in FreeBSD 6.x is optimized for MySQL
and perhaps better than using linuxthreads.

Any thoughts?

Hi Patrick,

We're running several MySQL databases on FreeBSD 6.1 and 6.2 RELEASE
and we don't use LINUX_THREADS. So far  so good as they say.

Concerning MySQL performance on FreeBSD, I recently saw this article
which could be of interest to you:

Linux vs FreeBSD using mysql and sysbench

Aside from a potential holy flame war from FreeBSD vs Linux, this
article does present you with an interesting my.cnf configuration
file. Maybe that could interest you?

Have fun,

David Robillard
UNIX systems administrator & Oracle DBA
CISSP, RHCE & Sun Certified Security Administrator
Montreal: +1 514 966 0122
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