I'm not running your application mix, but I've never seen random reboots
unless there were hardware issues.  With 5.X these included having
hyperthreading turned on, which I know caused problems with my dual XEON

Hmmm...two answers so far, two people saying "hyperthreading can be an issue." I'll definitely have that turned off ASAP.

* Issues with files that are not found on startup sometimes, but are other times. Prime example: the Zope CMS system that's been installed failed to find libmysqlclient.so after a planned soft reboot, but found it with no trouble on a subsequent boot a few minutes later, with no config changes in between.

Haven't seen that; are there any messages indicating you're having
filesystem problems?

Thanks for asking; I see some new nasties in /var/log/messages:

Feb 27 09:05:37 www fsck: /dev/ad4s1f: PARTIALLY TRUNCATED INODE I=9397392
Feb 27 09:05:37 www fsck: /dev/ad4s1f: UNEXPECTED SOFT UPDATE INCONSISTENCY; RUN fsck MANUALLY.

Thus far, besides simply scanning log files, constantly watching "top" and "ps", etc., I've not been able to do much with the box. As I said, I upgraded OpenSSL/OpenSSH to current versions, and I installed pf as the firewall (there was none before I arrived...don't even get me started on that). This weekend the guy who was the previous admin will be running a Memtest for me and disabling hyperthreading (which there's no performance justification for, and which has caused me stability issues at least on Linux in the past), since the server is in Oregon and I'm in the DC area. That's about the extent of what I've been able to do to date, since this is a production box.

How did you upgrade OpenSSL/SSH - cvsup + buildworld, etc., from the
ports, or some other way?  I've always did this using cvsup since
OpenSSL/SSH is now built into the OS

From source on openssl.org and openssh.org. I'm not yet familiar with all of the cool helper things that FreeBSD has such as cvsup, and I was conerned about getting those two specifically fixed fast when I first started this task (as the version on there was old enough that there were known remote exploits).

* Does 5.4-RELEASE have any known bugs that might cause stability issues like the ones I've described here? More importantly, would an upgrade to 6.2-RELEASE be worthwhile (as is my instinct), in terms of being generally more stable and/or having better hardware support? Would such an upgrade be possible/relatively painless to perform without being physically at a console, as has been the case with OpenBSD over the years?

I am not running your mix, but I have a 4.11 box, a 5.5-STABLE box, and a
6.2-STABLE box, and haven't seen anything like this. the 4.11 box looks a
lot like yours - Supermicro P4DC6 with dual Xeons, RAID1 with the onboard
Adaptec controller + the add-in RAID board, RAID5 using vinum with an
Adaptec (39160?) board. 5.X plus hyperthreading was definitely a problem
with that system.  I have another similar box which I'm testing with
6.2-STABLE and haven't seen any problems yet.

Again, since the two answers I have so far say essentially the same thing here, it looks like my concerns about hardware are valid.

* Given my dmesg below, do you see any specific problems?

The interrupt storm on uhci1+ is not a good thing.

Any thoughts on how to fix it?

Alex Kirk

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