On Wed, 28 Feb 2007, Thomas Dickey wrote:

On Wed, Feb 28, 2007 at 06:33:54AM -0800, Garrett Cooper wrote:
Jordan Gordeev wrote:
Gary Kline wrote:
   I'm not sure whether this just in Ubuntu or in the Gnome desktop
   servers.  I thought I'd ask here before I dig into this.  I think
   a new xterm was recently updated in ports; not  sure if tat is a
   factor or not.

no (I don't recall making changes in that area).

See stty(1) and termios(4). You should modify the erase or erase2 values.

reasonable (Ubuntu uses Debian packages iirc, which makes it use DEL,
FreeBSD uses BS for erase, etc).

The terminal settings available from gnome (if you open up an xterm /
Gnome terminal shell using the Terminal command under the menu) has

gnome-terminal isn't xterm (OP isn't making that distinction either).

xterm has menu settings which can change the assignment of BS/DEL to the
"backspace" key (unlike gnome-terminal, it has a manpage describing these
details ;-).

Thomas E. Dickey

You can set the default terminal in gnome to be xterm instead of Gnome Terminal. Gnome 
then wraps xterm in a program they call "Terminal" which you can setup to your 
liking using the preferences accessible from the menu.

That's what I meant. Just relaying my experience because I had a similar 
problem recently with Suse.


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