Its Me (Marwan Sultan?) wrote:


What ! How!
Installing FreeBSD takes flat 3 minutes!!!
after i'm done, I do install the ports, with 2 more minutes!!

Then from ports Tree I just command "make install clean"
and few more ports, like pop3 and others..
PLUS!! i configure it as a gateway, for my datalink routers (wan branches)
and lan GW, plus upgrading to latest patches..and adding few routes..

It is true that as your experience grows, you can do things like this more quickly. For the OP: examine simple shell scripting. Anything you do on the command line can be programmed to be done for you.

I use sysinstall from CD and install a minimal -RELEASE quickly, and then I have shell scripts which take a few brief arguments regarding interface configuration and the server's intended use, and then:

    a.  check for the existence of the Ports Tree and Source Tree
        downloading them as necessary.
    b.  install cvsup-without-gui
    c.  update to -STABLE, including setting vars and kernel options
    d.  reboot
    e.  finish update
    f.  update ports tree
    g.  install a selected set of ports

So, most of the "work" I used to do by hand is automated - all I need to do is run "tail" on some logfiles and check my mail in the morning. (Well, "mergemaster" isn't quite automatic just yet).

But, also, as Marwan indicates, I don't get to use it much - I don't have to build servers very often ;-)

Lots of people have done this; perhaps the most famous is Greg Lehey's "instant-workstation" port. The reason it's not done for you: the BSD's are all about flexibility, in line with the UNIX philosophy "tools, not policy"....

Kevin Kinsey
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