Kevin Kinsey wrote:
Steve Franks wrote:
How come I never hear defrag come up as a topic, and can't find
anything related to defrag in the ports tree?  Is it really not an
issue on UFS?  Can someone point me to an explantion if so?


I'm thinking this one's in the FAQ at

Bah! HEADS-UP: Ignore any advice I feel compelled to give today. Two retractions in one hour would seem to demonstrate a cranial short-circuit this morning. Steve, it's not in the FAQ.

Here's a link to a brief mailist discussion:

Assuming you have Ghostscript installed (which may be a big IF), you might be able to take a gander at the document mentioned with something like:

groff /usr/share/doc/smm/05.fastfs/* ~/
ps2pdf ~/
acroread ~/ffs.pdf

But there's probably a better way --- I'm certainly "one offing" today.

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