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> >I'm not running your application mix, but I've never seen random reboots
> >unless there were hardware issues.  With 5.X these included having
> >hyperthreading turned on, which I know caused problems with my dual XEON
> >system.
> Hmmm...two answers so far, two people saying "hyperthreading can be an 
> issue." I'll definitely have that turned off ASAP.

HTT isn't expected to cause problems at least on modern versions of
FreeBSD (I dont remember if old versions like 5.4 have a bug), but it
could be if you are running older hardware with broken BIOS support.

> >>* Issues with files that are not found on startup sometimes, but are 
> >>other times. Prime example: the Zope CMS system that's been 
> >>installed failed to find libmysqlclient.so after a planned soft 
> >>reboot, but found it with no trouble on a subsequent boot a few 
> >>minutes later, with no config changes in between.
> >>
> >Haven't seen that; are there any messages indicating you're having
> >filesystem problems?
> Thanks for asking; I see some new nasties in /var/log/messages:
> Feb 27 09:05:37 www fsck: /dev/ad4s1f: PARTIALLY TRUNCATED INODE I=9397392
> Feb 27 09:05:37 www fsck: /dev/ad4s1f: UNEXPECTED SOFT UPDATE 

You definitely need to drop to single-user mode and fsck -f:
filesystem corruption can cause many problems.

> >>* Given my dmesg below, do you see any specific problems?
> >
> >The interrupt storm on uhci1+ is not a good thing.
> Any thoughts on how to fix it?

You can disable USB support if you do not need it, otherwise a fix
will probably involve an upgrade to a newer version as a first step.


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