Steve Franks wrote:
Excellent!  Never had that one answered.  I've gone down the typical
road of being an MS booster ("It doesn't take 10 hours to set up and
configure") to experiencing glee when I find yet another way FBSD
kicks the crap out of MS.  Why?  Because I've grown up, and learned
that 2 hours time spent *reading* and configuring is way better than 2
days time spent when the system crashes in the middle of the workweek
- bottom line, BSD is cheaper before, during, and after installation.
Probably by a factor of 10 for me over the last 10 years.  As I write
this, I'm on a MS laptop that has degraded to the point where any disk
acess takes 10 seconds before the display updates (but not from the
shell - so not a defrag issue, just a screwed registry or something).
I used to reinstall my entire MS server every 6 months, on average...


There are some advantages to FBSD, for certain. Your last sentence is a huge example, although I know some Winservers that have been running on the same "install" for quite some time (but some of those have to be rebooted fairly often). A big *BSD argument is uptime - my personal server record is ~450 days, but you do kinda worry because there was probably supposed to be a security fix with a new kernel somewhere during that time period....

Pietro Cerutti wrote:
groff /usr/share/doc/smm/05.fastfs/* ~/
ps2pdf ~/
acroread ~/ffs.pdf

But there's probably a better way --- I'm certainly "one offing" today.

> groff /usr/share/doc/smm/05.fastfs/* > ~/

Err, yes; that's today's "one off groff" ... thanks. Never type what you can copy/paste.... B-/

Hear about...
the guru who refused Novocain while having a tooth pulled because he wanted to transcend dental medication?
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