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> Vizion wrote:
> > I have multiple lines of stale dependencies reported from 
> pkgdb -F all of which relate to bsdpan-Archive-Tar-1.30 or 
> 1.16 witha report that the package is held.
> > 
> > The lines are
> > Stale dependency:bsdpan-Archive-Tar-[version] -> [see NOTE 
> below]: -> Ignored (the package is held; specify -f to force)
> > 
> bsdpan-* are not real ports. They can't be processed as real ports. So
> they should be ignored (hold). Install them from ports or ignore the
> messages.
> -- 
> Dixi.
> Sem.
Thanks Sem 

But on its own, as shown in my original posting, that does not solve the 
problem as portupgrade -a does not know that and throws the error, reports a 
stale dependency and requires me to fix the problem!!

I must be missing something here!!


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