On Sun, Jan 19, 2003 at 09:22:16PM -0500, JoeB wrote:
> The mount_msdos has a -l option to force the use of msdos long
> names.
> Below is my fstab file and mount points /a & /c are msdos file
> types.
> Is there some way in the fstab file to specify long msdos names?

> /dev/fd0          /a          msdos  rw,noauto  0     0
> /dev/ad0s1        /c          msdos  rw,noauto  0     0

Change these lines to:

    /dev/fd0          /a        msdos  rw,noauto,longnames  0     0
    /dev/ad0s1        /c        msdos  rw,noauto,longnames  0     0

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