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>More Dell 2950 woes.
>I use serial ports to manage my FreeBSD machines remotely.  I've never
>had any problems until now.  I've installed FreeBSD 6.2 on a Dell 2950.
>The install goes without problems over the serial port.  After the
>reboot, I get the typical:
>FreeBSD/i386 (test.host.net) (ttyd0)
>and I can log in just fine.  If I disconnect and come back later
>(sometimes), or if I hit return without entering a login name (always)
>it starts spitting out junk like:

I get similar strange results as well on Server Works BIOS based
machines.  I usually talk to them through a pm25.  For me, I have to
make sure flow control is off on both ends (no software, no hardware).
Also, login gets confused if you start with an enter for some reason.
I can generally recover from this seemingly hung state with a bunch of
CTRL+d's.  Not sure if it will help you, but the symptons are somewhat
like what I see.

Whats odd is that it all works just fine from the loader prompt and if
I boot into single user mode.  But soon as getty/login take over, its
very picky.

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