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   Jeremy Gransden <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

   On 3/2/07, Dr. Jennifer Nussbaum <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

     This is a resend of something i sent to the freebsd-gnome list a
     few days
     ago, but there wer no answers and i think its a real problem, so i
     no one minds.
     I have a new install of FreeBSD 6.2, and installed Gnome 2.16 and
     other things, including Firefox 2.0, from Ports.
     Firefox only runs as root. Every time. I Googled and saw that in an
     version there was a problem that it had to be run the _first_ time
     as root
     but after that it was OK, but thats not the problem here--it ONLY
     runs as
     root all the time. If I type "firefox" on the command line it
     just immediately returns to the command line, no error messages
     of any sort, nothing in /var/log/messages.
     When run as root it seems to be fine. The binary has execute
     permissions for everyone.
     What do i need to be doing?

   Hi Jen,
   what are the permissions on .mozilla  in your home directory.

   Oh, g#d...
   /me hangs head in shame and embarrassment.
   Thank you. So sorry to bother the list with this. I thought i had been
   clever to check the permissions on the binary :-(
   Thank you Jeremy!

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