>         reeBSD-1.0-3203/module/../src/nvidia_ctl.c
>         In file included from
>         /usr/home/dt/downloads/NVIDIA_FreeBSD-1.0-3203/src/nvidia_ctl.c:14:
>         /usr/home/dt/downloads/NVIDIA_FreeBSD-1.0-3203/src/nv-freebsd.h:31:2:
>         #error This driver does not support F
>         reeBSD 5.0/-CURRENT!
>         *** Error code 1


Q: Can I run this driver under -CURRENT?

A: The NVIDIA FreeBSD driver is not officially supported under -CURRENT! Don't
bitch if it doesn't work. If you want to try though, comment out lines 24
through 34 in src/nv-freebsd.h or enclose the same lines in an #if 0/endif

 seems to work fine on my geforce2 gts w/ 5-current


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