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I would like to know some things about FreeBSD.  Does a drive need to be
partitioned to run it? Can it run on a partitioned drive, while the other
portion runs Windows or Mac OSX?

It's common for one to set up two partitions if you want a machine to run both FreeBSD and some other OS, yes. However, it's possible to run FreeBSD inside a machine emulator like VMWare, although doing so is not going to perform quite as well as running it on the hardware directly.

How secure is it?  What kind of computer will ideally run it?  Ups and downs?

FreeBSD is very secure by most standards, although OpenBSD has a better security track record. The potential security risks involved in running FreeBSD have more to do with which services a machine runs, rather than what your OS is.

FreeBSD runs on most Intel/AMD hardware out there, and also supports some other architectures like SPARC and PowerPC. Something like a 486-grade machine with 24MB to 32MB of RAM is probably the minimal spec. Having more memory will help, of course, if you are running a GUI or lots of services.

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