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I've had a good google for this, but not come up with anything significant...

My LAN has two available route to the internet - a FreeBSD box with an ADSL modem, ( and a hardware ADSL router ( . Two seperate ADSL lines, both the the same ISP as it happens (though am moving one of them shortly.)

I can set up the clients individually with one or the other address as default gateway, and each has full access to the 'net at the maximum bandwidth of one line.

Is it possible under FreeBSD to set up some sort of round-robin router - I have another hardware ADSL router available, and am not adverse to sticking a couple more network cards in the FreeBSD box if necessary - what I was envisaging was the FreeBSD machine is default gateway for all clients on the lan, and it then routes out to the 'net via either hardware router - so any clients that wants faster bandwidth can get it, as long as they use multiple connections and don't expect any one of them to go over the 512K of one ADSL line.

Basically, I want something that does the same job as the Nexland pro800 turbo:

I've seen references to ng_one2many, but the examples look like they tie multiple adapters together such that they operate as one adapter with one address on one LAN - would this work if i link two adapters directly and independently to two routers and set them up identically?

I've also seen references that (at least some versions of) Linux can have multiple default gateways and just use them in sequence. I don't want to have to swap over though...

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