I'd recommend Leaseweb in Amsterdam. Their network has great connectivity to Europe and their prices are competitive for unmetered plans.



Alexandre Vieira wrote:
>> Personally, I would never consider a vendor that does not at least
>> have a cursory knowledge of the platform I was using on a leased
>> server.  If they are miles away, I want someone with a clue to be my
>> eyes an ears in the event of an emergency.
>> I'd recommend going with a host who supports FreeBSD.
I'm interested in this specific company because the boxes are hosted in
France and cprm.net (A big telco in Portugal) is an excelent carrier for
France and UK. I have less than 50ms roundtrip time for this network.

Also for 99eur/month you get a dual opteron w/ 2x160GB SATA2 disks, 1GB
DDRII, linked to a 100mbps network (shared but burstable) with no traffic

But the guy who called me to help me with my questions doesn't understand
much of anything and he tought Freebsd was a linux distro plus he refuses to
either install freebsd on the machine or put a CD on the server tray and
plug in a serial cable to the machine so I can install it. I don't even know
how would I install freebsd without using depenguinator or going on site

I've tested depenguinator back in the 5.4 days with some friends, just for
the kicks, but as someone said before.. I can't rely on a company that knows
nothing about the technology i'll be using.

If anyone know a good UK or Franch dedicated server provider, let me know :)


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