On Monday 05 March 2007 17:22, Michel, Dietmar wrote:
> Now I made an upgrade using 4 SATA II disks connected to a promise TX4310 
> Raid controller.

This must be a software RAID controller. It uses
software in your OS to do the several RAID levels.
The controller simply "acts" as a RAID controller
and then passes the real job to the OS.

> Defining a RAID5 a bios level, starting the server and building up the Raid 
> at OS level:
> And now I have a functional Raid named ar0.

No you probably don't have a functional RAID5 setup.
Please read the ataraid manual page. It says that
RAID5 is not supported.

> Any hints?

You can use other RAID levels that are supported
for your controller. You can also use gmirror or

HTH, Nikos

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