The Promise Tx4310 has to be a HW raid controller - hopefully ;-))
But to get full access you have to have drivers to support this hardware.
In the ata man pages the controller (chip is PDC40719) is mentioned to be 
But not in the RAID5 mode - that´s my mistake.
I just was realy irritated for after buliding up and even after rebooting 
without errors the device ar0 named itself RAID5 ...
Maybe I used parts of new code which isn´t finished at all ....


From: Nikos Vassiliadis [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]
Sent: Tue 3/6/2007 8:48 AM
Cc: Michel, Dietmar
Subject: Re: RAID5 degraded - system hangs

On Monday 05 March 2007 17:22, Michel, Dietmar wrote:
> Now I made an upgrade using 4 SATA II disks connected to a promise TX4310 
> Raid controller.

This must be a software RAID controller. It uses
software in your OS to do the several RAID levels.
The controller simply "acts" as a RAID controller
and then passes the real job to the OS.

> Defining a RAID5 a bios level, starting the server and building up the Raid 
> at OS level:
> And now I have a functional Raid named ar0.

No you probably don't have a functional RAID5 setup.
Please read the ataraid manual page. It says that
RAID5 is not supported.

> Any hints?

You can use other RAID levels that are supported
for your controller. You can also use gmirror or

HTH, Nikos

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