Reuben A. Popp wrote:
Hello everyone,

I have set up a few parameters in a few classes in login.conf and reran cap_mkdb /etc/login.conf, but some things don't seem to work.

For example, I have the default class configured with idletime=20, but I have users able to login and stay in the system for much longer than the defined limit. Usually, it's students here who were working on a project in vi and then closed their putty session or something.
You can "fix" that problem by using
ClientAliveInterval 60
ClientAliveCountMax 2

on /etc/ssh/sshd_config

This means clients will be disconnected after 2 tries, spaced by 60 seconds each.

Am I doing something incorrectly or is there other parameters I need to specify?

I have tested this and many other login.conf options, such as idletime and maximum session times, it seems that these values do nothing, and as far back as I can remember (4.4-RELEASE), they never did. Either I've been doing something wrong all this time, or they really don't work :)

A more direct answer to your problem (depending on what you're trying to solve, if it's just hung users on the 'w' output, the above suggestion will fix that) might be sysutils/idled, which is a daemon that does just what you want.
Thanks in advance (again)
Reuben A. Popp


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