Thanks, Jerry. I've got plenty of disk space and this is probably what I'll end up doing. At the moment I'm following up on fusefs-ntfs port, and hoping that will work first.


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Using the FreeBSD booter to manage both Windoz XP and FreeBSD 6.1 on the
same SCSI drive. Under FreeBSD I've got XP mounted, and I've been able to examine the XP directories, but when I try to copy data or the contents of
directories from FreeBSD to XP (using    cp -R  ), nothing copies, and I
get error messages that say the TARGET files don't exist.

Is FreeBSD not capable of copying into NTFS? Has anyone else had the same

This was just discussed on the list late last week.
Yes, FreeBSD can read, but (for the most part) does not write
to NTFS at this point in time.   There are a couple of ports that
claim to write to NTFS.  I haven't tried them.

When I dual boot with MS-NTFS, I actually squeeze the NTFS slice down
just a little further and make a couple or so GB slice in FAT32 that
I can read and write from both FreeBSD and Microsloth.   That means I
am using up 3 rather than 2 slices when dual booting that combination;

I don't know if work is being done to make standard FreeBSD write NTFS.
Search the recent questions archive for the recent exchanges.


Parker Brown

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