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Have you looked at the output of 'netstat -i' to see if there are
interface errors?  Also, have you looked at the switch-side interface
for errors, buffer problems, etc. (if that's possible)?  Finally, have
you swapped ports/cables on the switch?



Hi Mike

Right now it seems to be behaving. netstat -i shows no issues and I have not had the problem recur again once I forced it from auto negotiation which ended up at 1000tx full duplex to now be 100tx at full duplex. I don't know if it is related to the problem or not or is a coincidence that once I did that the problem has not arisen. It happened about 3 times today before forcing the connection to be 100tx.

If it starts to happen again I will try and log in to the console and do the netstat -i then...

In the morning I will break out my powerbook and get the switch port assignments off a chart I have there so I can log in to the switch and check the port for errors.

I have not swapped ports/cables on the switch this time around but have had the exact same symptoms on a server with the same HW that was using different cables and a different switch... I may swap cables but the machine is downtown and I am not so unless I cannot make progress I want to avoid going downtown :-)

I may swap the mainboard if it happens again to see if it is HW. I have one or two spare mainboards of the same sort.


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