Don O'Neil wrote:
Does anyone have any working experiecne with the 3dm-, 3ware RAID
controller monitoring daemon and web server? I installed the port on my
machine, edited the config file (changed passwords) and the daemon is
running, but I cannot connect to it on port 888 as per the config.

I'm running FreeBSD 6.1 and have a 3ware 7500 series card. I'm not even sure
if that one is supported or not, as there is no reference to v
(or anything 2.X) on 3wares web site.


You can't change the passwords in the config file, they are encrypted. The default passwords for both administrator and user are 3ware. You need to set them back to the default values. Also on i386 it is on amd64 it is

Hope this helps

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