In <001301c2c0a3$0b5f9190$0400a8c0@toastman>, Jeff D. Hamann 
> I'd like to upgrade my system and I have a nervousness about the process. I
> would like to upgrade my XFree86, samba, smbfs_mount, Qt, GRASS, etc and
> have been trying to do this by cvsup and upgrading one at a time. Is it
> better to simply upgrade the entire system to the latest and greatest or
> upgrade one at a time? I currently have 4.4 and don't know if 4.7 or 5.0
> would be better. The machine is my company server and if anything goes
> wrong, I'd be dead meat, which I'd rather avoid.

The best way is probably a single upgrade. Go from 4.4->4.7. Don't go
to 5.0. If all the tools you have are ports, installs the portupgrade
port, then do a "portupgrade -af" to force an upgrade of all the

If you've installed things that aren't ports, you'll probably want to
recompile those if they can be compiled.

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