Hi All,


Can anyone please help me with this error message which pops up at regular
intervals on the console and in the log?

It's been happening since I built the box a few days ago and extensive
Googling and BSD list searches haven't resulted in any clues.

Unfortunately I'm a FreeBSD newb but I'm not a technology newb.

So far I have:

1) Downloaded and burned the 6v2 CD's

2) Used them to build the box.

3) Set up a few Host Table entries

4) Put the box on my LAN.

5) Created my user account with root priviliges

6) Turned on SSH.

7) Allowed remote root log in over SSH. (I know bad security practice).


Next I want to:

1)       Sort/understand the above error message

2)       Set up two network HP printers (any recommendations)

3)       Get CVS configured and working.


(I'm surprised I can't find a "recommended basic build" anywhere.)





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