On Monday 20 January 2003 05:42, Mark wrote:
> Apparent, CTS changes state. Dunno what RNG does (alarm?), but CTS
> should suffice. Hmm, that kinda makes me wonder, is there not a
> FreeBSD command I can issue myself, via cron or something, to test
> the state of CTS? Then I may not need apcupsd at all.
> Thanks for your continual help,
> - Mark

I suggest you look at nut in the ports collection.  It will do just 
about anything you need, though it is a bitch to set up (umpteen 
interrelated config files need to be just right).  But more 
importantly, it has lots of good documentation about cables and such.  
I found, for example, that the supposedly correct APC cable for my APC 
BackUPS (one of the semi-dumb ones) was actually missing a line.  I 
made a custom cable, and walla!  no more problem.

Keep in mind, by the way, that the serial cable is not actually sending 
serial data (like ascii text, for example).  It just raises and lowers 
the levels of various lines to signal various things.  (I know you 
probably already know that, but just for completeness...)

And finally, yes, even the dumb UPS's can sense and communicate the loss 
and return of AC power, at the very least.


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