In the last episode (Mar 08), Chuck Swiger said:
> On Mar 8, 2007, at 1:35 PM, Noah wrote:
> >So I Have 6.2 install on my machine and restarting named gets the  
> >following error.
> >
> >any clues what is creating this?
> >
> ># /etc/rc.d/named restart
> >Stopping named: rndc failed, trying killall: .
> By default, named runs in a chroot()ed environment under /var/named,
> and thus the path to the PID file which rndc expects to find under
> /var/run/ actually gets put under
> /var/named/var/run/
> It would be nifty to make ndc/rndc smart enough to understand how to
> find the pidfile under the chroot location.

rndc doesn't need to know where the pid is; it connects directly to
named over the control port (953) to do its magic.  Try running "rndc
status" while named is running; if you get an error message complaining
about midding rndc.conf or rndc.key files, you may need to configure
that before rndc will work.

        Dan Nelson
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