On 01/05/03 05:36 PM, Chris Hill sat at the `puter and typed:
> > burncd -f /dev/acd0c -smax -d audio track1.raw track2.raw ...
> > 
> > But (at least I found that) it didn't produce a completely correct audio
> > CD; there's something fishy with the TOC, I think.
> I had trouble with that usage as well. The resulting CD would not
> *start* playing in my audio CD player, but gave me a flashing "00:00" on
> the front panel. If I fast-forwarded enough to get past the beginning of
> the first track, it was fine. I was able to get a proper CD by not using
> DAO, thusly:
> burncd -f /dev/acd0c -s 40 audio track1 track2 track3 track4 fixate
> It seems like it should be possible to pipe the output of tosha into
> burncd, but I have not experimented with this yet; just bought the
> burner yesterday. 

I used this, and it creates a CD that works fine in the Computer, but
when I take it into my truck and pop it in the CD player, it doesn't
work.  Any idea why?  I know I could just use the original in the
truck, but when it gets hot in the summer, I'd be a lot less upset to
have the backup melted than the original.

I also noticed that none of the CD Text info gets saved, nor can the
CDDB info be determined.  Is there any way to preserve that info?

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