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Dan Busarow wrote:
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Hi all,

I got all my servers playiung nice with the new port for zoneinfo, all but
one which is a simple slave nameserver ruynning FreeBSD 4.4.

When I installed the port on it, and try to run make, I get this:

voyager ROOT /usr/gpeel/zoneinfo > make
zoneinfo-: You need to define PORTNAME and PORTVERSION instead of PKGNAME. (This port is too old for your bsd.port.mk, please update it to match
 your bsd.port.mk.)
*** Error code 1


I have been reading lots about simply updateing the zone file itself, but have not been undersztanding what I am seeing. If anyone could simplify, I
would appreciate it.

Search for an email I sent to the list on 2/22 with Subject
 Determining daylight savings changes on BSD
It has the steps needed to update manually from source.
Here's the steps
If you can't use the ports to update your time zone files here is the manual procedure.
1. create a new directory and cd into it
   e.g. # mkdir myzoneinfo; cd myzoneinfo
2. # fetch ftp://elsie.nci.nih.gov/pub/tzdata2007b.tar.gz
3. # tar -zxvf tzdata2007b.tar.gz
4. you will now have a bunch of files in the directory extracted from tzdata2007b.
   you need to edit zone.tab and comment out these lines
#AX     +6006+01957     Europe/Mariehamn
#GG     +4927-00232     Europe/Guernsey
#IM     +5409-00428     Europe/Isle_of_Man
#JE     +4912-00207     Europe/Jersey
#ME     +4226+01916     Europe/Podgorica
#RS     +4450+02030     Europe/Belgrade
#TL     -0833+12535     Asia/Dili
5. run this command
# zic -d ./zoneinfo -p America/Los_Angeles -m 0644 -y ./ yearistype \
       africa antarctica asia australasia etcetera europe \
       factory northamerica southamerica systemv
   that's all one long line
   the zic command will create a new directory named zoneinfo and
   fill it with the new zoneinfo files.  You can compare it to
6. install the new files by running
   # cp -R -p ./zoneinfo/ /usr/share/zoneinfo
   # cp ./zone.tab /usr/share/zoneinfo
   # tzsetup
7. to verify that all went well run
   # zdump -v /etc/localtime | grep 2007
   your should get
/etc/localtime Sun Mar 11 09:59:59 2007 UTC = Sun Mar 11 01:59:59 2007 PST isdst=0 gmtoff=-28800 /etc/localtime Sun Mar 11 10:00:00 2007 UTC = Sun Mar 11 03:00:00 2007 PDT isdst=1 gmtoff=-25200 /etc/localtime Sun Nov 4 08:59:59 2007 UTC = Sun Nov 4 01:59:59 2007 PDT isdst=1 gmtoff=-25200 /etc/localtime Sun Nov 4 09:00:00 2007 UTC = Sun Nov 4 01:00:00 2007 PST isdst=0 gmtoff=-28800 I've done this on 1/2 dozen older 4.x and 5.x servers and it works fine.

Just a heads up, that file is now tzdata2007c.tar.gz, created on Feb 26th. At least I couldn't grab tzdata2007b.tar.gz anymore.

Thanks for cathing and posting that Dave. It is indeed supposed to be tzdata2007c.tar.gz


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