Mike Jakubik wrote:
Daniel Mouritsen wrote:
You don't need the developer packages to compile or use the ports. I would recommend you choose the basic user option instead.

Also, i was wondering, i tried playing around with portsnap, but dear lord
it was slow :D I tried googling for European mirrors close to me, but i
haven't had much success, any help with finding a faster portsnap server
would be much appreciated

You may want to try cvsup instead.

net/cvsup-without-gui is probably the port you'd want to use. Check out /usr/share/examples/cvsup/ports-supfile for some useful examples. Copy this file to another location and edit it to include your list of cvs mirrors (see below) and other options. You can also look in the above directory for other supfile examples, dealing with src tree, docs, etc.

Also, check out the following URL from the FreeBSD Handbook (a very valuable resource) for a list of worldwide mirrors:


For a means of finding the 'fastest' cvs mirror, try installing sysutils/fastest_cvsup

Depending on your Internet connection, you can control the amount of connections cvsup uses. For example, if you have a fast (e.g. broadband) connection, you can do:

cvsup -P m /path/to/supfile

This will multiplex the connections and usually afford better performance.
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