> What do you gain by allowing telnet access to your hosts that you don't 
> get with ssh?
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May be I am an incurable romantic from the old times
that likes "telnet", sendmail, finger... daytime... bsd lpr....
and never give up from BSD, I use it since 1.0 release...

I agree that ssh is better, etc... etc...   but I still
use sendmail and telnet...  

Once I setted up a mailserver with more that 2000 users
with a single freebsd sendmail    in a small machine (1Ghz,512Mb memory,
Freebsd 4.X) one internet connection.. with virtual users,
mailertable... and it 
worked for years... by the way... it had  telnetd avaiable...


Have anyone yet "cracked"  the telnet enable machine whose
IP was published  in the list?

I remember some time ago a machine  named "Coen....."  who
challenged anynone crack it... she published the address, the login
and the password... and in addition, she said there were a "bug" in the
system...   Well.... if I remember, the machine stayed alive for several
with all the hackers, crackers, and xxxckers....  hitting it...

It was  FreeBSD 5.X series....


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