a fair bit of eyecandy.

I'll second the E17!

i like to get all icons, menus, frames and windows to minimum, as it doesn't improve productivity, while taking space of the screen.

as i found (at least with fvwm2) that minimum=ZERO i did this and use that config for over 3 years (with netbsd before switching to freebsd)

completely black desktop, 24 virtual "consoles" (keys Windows-F1 to F12, CTRL-F1 to F12 and Windows-arrows), x terminal with Windows-X, other programs with menu key and menu, all programs started full screen by default, window frames and titles removed,

all screen available for ACTUAL USE.

sometimes when i have to use windows machine, after few minutes of use i automatically press Windows-right arrow trying to switch console from that game and do something useful. unfortunately it doesn't work there ;)
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