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> Dear Friends,
> Is FreeBSD Completely Written in C ?

Sort of.  Great parts of FreeBSD, in fact the vast majority of
the source code, is written in C.  But it is not *completely*
written in C.

> Is there any part of OS written in C++ ?

Yes.  The source code is freely available online.  You can check
for yourself :)

> And I Guess GCC Compiler is used for compilation; ( Is it so ? )

Yes, the officially supported compiler is the GCC version that
comes with the base system.  But this does not mean that only
the particular GCC compiler suite works for developing software
on FreeBSD.  You can find a wealth of compilers for a huge
collection of languages in the Ports Collection.  Compilers exist
for FORTRAN, Haskell, Pascal, Modula 3, etc.  Interpreters and
interactive environments for Perl, Python, Ruby, Lisp and Scheme
are easy to install too.  You name it, and the Ports probably has
a compiler or interpreter for it already.

- Giorgos

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