> Maybe you are, but even so, do you still use V7 on a PDP/11 or 32V on a VAX,
> make dumps to DECtape, or use a VT100? There's something to be said for
> modern PC hardware, xterms/gnome-terminal/konsole/screen, and yes, ssh.
> (Namely speed, convenience, and security, respectively).
> I went through a stage of using Linux with xman, xeyes, xterm, twm, etc.,
> until I realised I was much more productive using KDE help and
> konsole/screen and kwin/WindowMaker.
> Jeff

Like Mr Wojciech Puchar,  I have a VT100 clone here at home... that I
use for kernel
debug on a 9600 com1 port... and it works soo good.. 

May be when you are 55 (or 64 as the beatles song)... you will use
konsole and the "boys"  will use
some kind of "brain cortex"  wired interface....
I started to take BSD serious when 2 years ago I was in a "meeting" of
linux users...
they all showed those wonderful interfaces, light speed programs, and  a
zillion things
they could do with linux...  I became very impressed... than I asked...
who else is using
all this stuff??  I mean which company, how many users?? how many
systems installed
and running for how long???   well... no answers... got....
Than I asked them why don't they code an commercial application with all
that power???
again... none....

Than I said that I coded applications for hundred users on DEC, and
VAX... They laugh on
me... than I sit in my home and coded a 200K lines of an complete ERP
for fuel stations...
and in 3 years I am back to the hackers show... Now they have kde 3.5.5
and gnome 2.18....
and NO ONE application program... still... May be my method is not
productive, "I still use
GDB and CSCOPE"  but for sure produces good result at last.   Now I
admin more than 200 BSD computers. 
in the old fashion way... with an mtbf of 15 years..  The next invention
here is BSD for
notebooks... an special "blended"  BSD that will be installed in more
than 5000 notebooks
a year here... the project will begin to roll in some months....

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