Wojciech Puchar wrote:
As a newb to FreeBSD I find that the manual/handbook is not great in detail, (understatement), and I seem to be relying on this questions list for a lot
of help.

what's missing? i think it's quite detailed

I started with Linux years ago. I tried several versions and only Slackware was useable, and only because the lists were such great help. There was of course the RH books, not any better than Slackware Unleashed or the FreeBSD Handbook.

In frustration I tried FreeBSD and got it up and running all by myself using the book, I was impressed. Once I found SeaFug I really got rolling. Overall I think the FreeBSD Handbook is one of the best. It doesn't have as much detail as it could, but it takes time and people to create such things.

If FreeBSD is lacking in documentation it is not the book, it is because Linux has the enormous "How To" library available to new users. Funny thing though, I used most of the Linux How To docs when first learning FreeBSD. As far as applications and services go like Samba, NIS, NFS, etc. Most of the Linux How To docs work with FreeBSD.


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