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> > It is for someone who wants to work in that environment.
> >
> exactly, but it would be handy to define what "desktop" is.
> could someone provide me a definition?
> is X server alone a desktop? i think no.
> is KDE a desktop? i think yes from what i heard.
> is XFCE a desktop? i think too.
> so is my X server+fvwm2 having no visible icons, windows, frames etc.
> (but having a menu under keypress) a desktop or not?
> if yes - then we can define desktop as any software able to run
> graphics mode programs on graphics capable machine. like bash or csh
> for text mode.
> if no - what part of say KDE make it a desktop?
> i'm not trying to start any war, just want to hear a definition of so 
> commonly used term today.
>                                       Wojtek

Before you ask so many questions, why don't you invest a little time in
RTFM, or perhaps STFW.

Check out this URL for starters:



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