At 02:00 PM 3/12/2007, Bob Johnson wrote:
On 3/12/07, Mike Tancsa <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
I am seeing some inconsistent and strange results after the DST
change this weekend.  On all the boxes, it seems setup OK
yet mixed in notice the /kernel entry... Its an hour off !?

if I restart syslogd, it corrects it for the kernel entry, but not
for other applications. They all seem to log the time one hour back.
Most applications seem this way.  On my more recent boxes this didnt
happen, but for some legacy RELENG_4 and older RELENG_5 and RELENG_6
boxes, the same odd behavior.

Restart any programs that aren't picking up the time change.

From the tzsetup(8) man page:
    Programs which are already running when tzsetup creates or updates
    /etc/localtime will not reflect the updated timezone."

- Bob

Note self, "Always read BUGS section from now on"  :(

Thanks for pointing that out.


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