On Tue, Mar 13, 2007 at 07:58:05AM +0900, Daniel Marsh wrote:
> I've run into this very same problem... but the way I got around it was
> putting OpenLDAP in a jail all by its lonesome and making sure that jail
> would start before anything on the host system would start that may need
> LDAP... (effectively meaning the LDAP server is a different "machine")

Hitting the Problem with a really big hammer. Thats cures only the symptoms
not the Problem. As i see it the Problem is that the status/actions in 
nsswitch.conf not working. Since man nsswitch.conf stats that
success=return is default an therefore ldap should never be asked for Users
that are in the /etc/passwd file. 

I will file a Problemreport for this one. 


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