Anyone aware of a reason why a fresh build/install of exim 4.66 would cause
kernel panics and reboots on my FreeBSD 6.1 machine?

My machine, just out of the blue this morning, started rebooting every 3
minutes.... I narrowed it down to exim I think... As long as I never started
up exim 4.66 the machine didn't have the problem... But as soon as I started
it up, whammo... Panic and reboot.

I've since rolled back to 4.63 and the problem seems to be resolved at least
for the moment.

The strangest thing is that I upgraded to 4.66 several days ago and the
problem didn't show up until this morning. I'm not 100% sure the problem is
exim but that's the only thing I could narrow it down to. Perhaps there is a
new exim bug/exploit that I just didn't get hit with until today? I deleted
the message queue just in case it was corrupt. 

ANY ideas from anyone as to what could be causing this (hardware perhaps?)
would be appreciated.

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