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The important thing is really your reverse DNS, if you have control
of it and looks like a real server name,  e.g. mail.example.com,
you can stay off the dynamic lists. It doesn't help to have a
static address if your reverse dns looks like 12-43-545-example.net

Thank you for your reply;
One of my machines (the one I use all the time and use to send and
e-mai)  does have an ISP assigned name. But the others are FQDN's that
I have registered. One even has .net as the top level domain and that
is one I am planning on using for the mail server.

Just as long as you understand the distinction between forward and
reverse DNS. Based on the whois record for for your IP address, at the
moment you appear to have the following reverse DNS for the address
range -

$ for i in `jot  8 224` ; do dig +short -x 75.7.236.$i  ; done

OK, It appears that it is the ISPs name servers who
are responding. When I call up my sights I get to the
machines they are on according to my present
DNS setup.
try www.brushandbard.com
Jeff K

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