On Mar 13, 2007, at 5:39 PM, Don O'Neil wrote:

Anyone aware of a reason why a fresh build/install of exim 4.66 would cause
kernel panics and reboots on my FreeBSD 6.1 machine?

My machine, just out of the blue this morning, started rebooting every 3 minutes.... I narrowed it down to exim I think... As long as I never started up exim 4.66 the machine didn't have the problem... But as soon as I started
it up, whammo... Panic and reboot.

I'm running exim 4.66 on FreeBSD 6.2 without problems. This probably doesn't really help you much, but it should let you know that the problem isn't universal.

Of course my instance of exim isn't actually doing anything at the moment, which might have something to do with it.


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