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On Monday, January 20, 2003 9:35 PM John Bleichert <mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> On Mon, 20 Jan 2003, Mike Loiterman wrote:
>> Date: Mon, 20 Jan 2003 21:42:23 -0600
>> From: Mike Loiterman <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
>> Subject: CD-ROM installtion problems.
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>> Just downloaded 5.0 and successfully burnt the discs.
>> Unfortunately I have been unable to get my system to boot with the
>> discs.  Disc 1 works fine with others systems, however. 
>> I can boot the system with a windows disk without problems, so the
>> CD-ROM drive appears to work. 
>> I can boot the system with the floppies, but when I try to install
>> from the CD-ROM drive it says it there was an error mount /dev/adc0. 
>> I'm using a promise Ultar133TX2 ata adapter which is supported by
>> FreeBSD according to the documentation.  The card sees both the HD
>> and the CD-ROM.  
>> I used Nero Burning ROM to burn the disc.  I created an Image from
>> the ISO.  Did I burn the disc incorrectly? 
> The ISO already *is* an image. If you get a directory listing of the
> CD in e.g. win32 do you see 1 enormous file or the BSD CD structure?
> If the disk was burned improperly, you'll see just 1 large file on
> the CD and not the correct file structure.
> HTH - JB
> #  John Bleichert
> #  http://vonbek.dhs.org/latest.jpg

The files are listed correctly, i.e. the whole directory structure.  One thing I 
thought of is the first question I'm asked after loading 5.0 from the floppies is if I 
want to load kernal modules from the driver disk.  Do you think that has anything to 
do with it.  Its 3:30 am here, so I'll wait till later this morning to try that, but 
wanted to get some feedback first.

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