On Mar 14, 2007, at 7:11 AM, Ivan Voras wrote:

Goncalves, Antonio wrote:

It has Core 2 Duo and a NVidia 7950 GTX. Can you please let me know wish
release shall I install?

Both i386 and AMD64 versions will work, but you'll probably have less problems with the i386 version. There are even nVidia binary drivers for FreeBSD, but you must check if they support your card.

i386 is 32-bit and amd64 is 64-bit. All newer Intel non-Itanium 64- bit chips are compatible with amd64.

Like I discovered though you may want to grab an appropriate LiveCD to match your hardware though, because your hardware may be too recent for a release CD. See my thread about 5 days back in the archives--some people that replied gave me links to where the release CDs were.

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