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One thing that is a plus with nv is that X has some support for it,
whereas, the newer ati cards have no support :-( I was a fan of ati since it was easier to get support. Now I'm starting to lean towards Nvidia :-(

Does anyone know if there are *any* contemporary graphics cards
that have 3D acceleration supported by some flavour of
open-source  Doesn't have to be a super-fast 'leet gamer
system to be better than a non-accelerated frame buffer.

Matrox used to have a reputation for goodness (I used to have a
G400 or the like), but it's been a long time...

(I'm currently using a lowish-end NVidia card under the nv
driver, but it has issues (of which no 3D accel is but one...)


Try the 'vesa' xorg driver. It may not be fancy or all that accelerated but it works quite well. I have an nvidia card and cannot get it to work for the life of me. the drive attached, but nothing happens after that. It might be the fact that I have a PCI express card. But the vesa driver is working just fine for me.

I had a PCI-X nvidia card

PCI-X?  Or PCI Express?  PCI-X is not the same thing.

It isn't? I guess this shows my ignorance! Well, I think it is the PCI express - the one that is supposed to be super fast, and replace AGP.


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